Star Outdoor

All-rounder cloth for surface cleaning

Our Star Cloth is the all-rounder in our cloth range. It is suitable for cleaning virtually all surfaces and offers exceptional cleaning power, high water absorption and streak-free drying.

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» Finest high-performance microfibres for maximum dirt absorption and a highly efficient cleaning experience
» Our all-rounder combines exceptional cleaning, high water absorption and streak-free drying like no other cloth.
» Suitable for all surfaces indoors and outdoors
» Hand-made in our Saarland factory – making every piece unique
» The perfect cloth for any occasion: available in various colours
Usage areas
Our Star Scratch with a Scratch corner for scouring is suitable for all light to heavy soiling on virtually all surfaces.
DEKRA assessment confirms: ideal for use on high-gloss surfaces and TV screens, as well as oiled and varnished wood furniture (Star Scratch: do not use Scratch corner on delicate surfaces).

To prepare the cleaning cloth surface so that it offers optimum cleaning and to avoid adding dirt back to surfaces you have previously cleaned, fold the damp Star Cloth in half twice to create eight equally-sized cloth surfaces that can each be used in turn for surface cleaning.
75% polyester microfibre / 25% polyamide microfibre

Star: 40 x 40 cm
Star mini: 25 x 25 cm

Care instructions
Wash in a washing machine at 40°C with Saponella before first use.
After use, rinse under running water with 2-3 drops of Hans Raab Protective Formula. If there is more dirt, wash in a washing machine at 40°C with some Ha-Ra Saponella. Never use softener or any detergent containing softener. Do not put these fibres in a dryer, just hang them out to dry. Do not use any aggressive cleaning agents.
We recommend the Ha-Ra laundry bag as a gentle way to wash high-quality Ha-Ra fibres in a washing machine.